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Better Estimates by Every Measure


Sage Estimating Desk A complete suite of modules built for today's complex building and real estate market to help you streamline your cost estimating process — from conceptual estimate to final bill of material — and everywhere between, including capital budgeting capabilities for corporate owners who need to perform "what-if" scenarios.

Whether you're working in commercial and industrial construction, residential construction, electrical construction or any other specialty, Sage Estimating gives you the flexibility, speed and accuracy to generate competitive estimates, bids and budgets. An innovative spreadsheet interface is supported by fast takeoff tools, a comprehensive price database, and a wide range of ways to analyze and fine-tune your project before you commit your first dime.

For every phase of your project. From the initial planning stage to producing PO commitments, Sage Estimating offers a wide range of sophisticated solutions to meet distinct needs. Want to do takeoffs directly from CAD drawing files? Transfer your estimate into accounting for job costing? Consider it done.

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Sage Estimating

Put your best bid forward.

To win more work and ensure the profitability of every project, you have to build estimates with more speed and precision than ever before. Let Sage Estimating

do the heavy lifting for you. With features like trade-specific databases, Smart Assemblies, and built-in analysis tools, you’ll build more bids with quick precision.

Integrated estimating

Sage Estimating works in tandem with job cost and accounting in Sage business management software such as Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Then, once a bid is approved, the appropriate data feeds seamlessly from estimating to accounting and job cost. No data loss. No redundant entry. As a result, it’s easier to share project details with your entire team.

Better Estimates by Every Measure
  • Smart Assemblies that guide you through takeoff as the system automatically calculates costs associated with materials, labor, supplies and equipment.
  • Trade-specific databases that provide a quick and easy method for you to add cost items into your bid worksheet.
  • Multiple takeoff methods, which offer flexibility and adaption to your preferred style of estimating including digital plan takeoff.
  • Estimating Management Console, a central hub or location for managing a variety of system administrative tasks such as security (roles and permissions) and much more.
  • Microsoft SQL Server database, which stores all your data in one place, provides faster queries, and enhances security.
  • Built-in report writing capabilities that help generate organized, professional reports in seconds.

eTakeoff Dimension

eTakeoff Dimension, an electroic quantity takeoff product distributed by Sage, significantly increases accuracy, productivity, and speed over

traditional paper or manual takeoff methods. This powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use tool provides estimators sophisticated assembly capabilities, extensive Microsoft®Excel integration, and time-saving features like Pattern Search to greatly improve the takeoff process. When integrating with Sage Estimating, eTakeoff Bridge helps you improve your estimating productivity even more as you seamlessly move from takeoff to building your estimate.

Save money and time

In addition to increasing your takeoff productivity, moving from paper to digital takeoff methods eliminates the hassle and cost of producing paper copies of plans during the bid phase. As a single copy of plans can cost hundreds of dollars to reproduce, you can quickly realize substantial cost savings when producing numerous bids. And digital plans allow for easy sharing and reviewing of all takeoff projects online rather than waiting for paper to circulate among your team.

Bid with confidence

Dramatically increase both your estimating capability and your confidence in the numbers you provide. With eTakeooff Dimension and Bridge integration, you can:

    Improve takeoff speed, productivity, and accuracy.

  • Become up to 15 times more productive than when using paper or manual takeoff methods.
  • Have more time to analyze estimates and take on additional bids without increasing staffing.
  • Measure to within thousandths of an inch to take any guesstimates out of your bids.
  • Easily highlight what you’ve already taken off to avoid potential mistakes and unforeseen project costs due to omissions.

    Create a dynamic workflow between takeoff and cost estimating using eTakeoff Bridge.

  • Use eTakeoff Bridge to automatically send takeoff quantities to the estimate.
  • Transition from a “digitizer-like” takeoff process to a fully automated and integrated takeoff methodology.
  • Automatically update the estimate with drawing changes while retaining estimate detail such as pricing and productivity factors.
  • Drill down from within an Estimating Assembly to find the drawing and supporting measurement in eTakeoff Dimension.