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Hosting Access to Software from Anywhere


With a growing number of choices available across on-premises and cloud hosting solutions, storage choices are more complex than ever. What’s best for your business? You must balance what enhances your bottom-line and keeps customers happy. Your company needs to know the data is secure, convenient, and accessible for the team to access that data, anytime, anywhere in order to serve your clients and do their job well. Need help deciding ‘to cloud or not to cloud’? You have options and we can help you.

Hosting Servers


Private cloud servers can be configured to support any software application. Bottom line, we can replicate your current environment in our secure data hosting facility using our

state-of-the-art equipment and blazing fast data connections at a value that may have you wondering why you haven’t done it sooner.


  • Multiple users can share files and applications simultaneously.
  • Files can be accessed from any device using Remote Desktop Client or RemoteApp software. Works with PCs, Macs, tablets and mobile devices.
  • All Windows Server licenses and Remote Desktop user licenses are provided.
  • Optional licensing available for Microsoft Office Suite (included with Super & Hyper Nova Tiers).
  • High speed, redundant network ensures maximum power and reliability.
  • One Server consolidation saves time and money.
  • Additional User licenses and disk space can be added as needed.